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Parish Council Meeting

All residents of this parish are welcome to join

 a virtual meeting using the Zoom App

If you wish to attend then please contact the Parish Clerk

His email address is

Details on how to join the meeting will then be sent to you

The meeting will be on Tuesday 4th August at 7.00 pm


1.    Welcome and conduct of meeting*

2.    Apologies for absence*

3.    Declaration of Interests*

4.    Minutes of meeting on 3rd March 2020

5.    Matters Arising from meeting on 3rd March 2020

6.    Finance*

6.1.   Certificate of Exemption

6.2.    Annual Internal Audit Report

6.3.    Annual Governance Statement

6.5    Accounting Statements

6.6.    Review of Risk Assessment and Management

7.    Any Other Business* 



The following meeting shall take place on Tuesday 8th September 2020 at 7.00 pm 

* Items marked with an asterisk appear on every Parish meeting agenda.


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