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Welcome to Kingston on Soar

Kingston on Soar is a small Parish in the south of Nottinghamshire – on the latest register only 225 electors in 115 properties. There are three main centres of residence:

Kingston Village;

Kingston Hall, previously owned by Lord Belper and now private residences;

New Kingston (West Leake Lane, Kingston Fields and Kingston Court).

The Parish is predominantly rural, and includes areas of woodland, farmland and rivers/streams.  The River Soar, on the western edge of the Parish is the boundary between Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.  Kingston Brook flows through the Village to join the river.

In the centre of the Village the listed red telephone box, now without the payphone, has been adopted by the Parish as a public information kiosk.  There are also official Parish noticeboards on Kegworth Road outside the Village Hall and on West Leake Lane.

See “A History of Kingston on Soar” for details of books and videos on the history of the Parish.

See “Diary of Events” for a list of future public events in the Village.

Page updated 2 July 2013

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