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Graffiti Classics – Sunday 27th November at 7.30pm

Our next community show, to be held in the Village Hall, will be performed by Graffiti Classics.

16 strings, 8 dancing feet and 4 voices with 1 aim: to make classical music wickedly funny and fantastically exhilarating for everyone, young and old. Graffiti Classics bursts the elitist boundaries of the traditional String Quartet with its hilarious all-singing, all dancing musical comedy show.

So please come along and support this event in your Village Hall and see for yourselves what an excellent time can be had and the starting point to ‘get you in the mood’ for the festive theatre season just around the corner.

Tickets: Adults £10, Children (under 12) £5 available on the door or email

Ticket price includes food

Cash bar available from 7.00pm



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