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A History of Kingston on Soar

Kingston is mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086) where it is called Chinestan.  This translates as “royal stone”.

The most important historical monument in the village is the Babington Chantry, in Kingston Parish Church.  This was erected as a tomb canopy in 1537-38, to the memory of Sir Anthony Babington and his wife Katherine.  It was recently restored and rededicated by the Bishop of Southwell.

‘Perspectives of Kingston on Soar’ has been complied by Brian and Veronika Smith and published by the Nottinghamshire Living History Archive Milleninum Award Scheme. The book is based largely on recorded interviews with residents, ex-residents, people who worked in Kingston and some visitors to the village. The book is available from Brian Smith for £7 (tel 0115 9830163).

Two other books, also by Brian W. Smith, give a more detailed history.  These are: “A History of Kingston-on-Soar up to the 19th Century”, price £3, and “Kingston-on-Soar: Further Chapters in the History of an Estate Village”, price £5. Copies of these two books are available to purchase from the Parish Clerk (tel 0115 9830730).


Page updated 26th July 2012