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Message from PC1530 Kelly Warwick about the Pedlar’s Certificate

Nottinghamshire Police issues Pedlar’s Certificates to people authorised to sell door-to-door.  Certificates, when issued, will be laminated and contain a photograph, and they expire one year from the date of issue.

Sample of Pedlar’s Certificate

Any person selling door to door should have one of these certificates.  If they do not have one, tell them you do not want to buy anything, ask them to leave and close the door.

Then please contact Nottinghamshire police on 03003009999 or contact  me, PC1530 Kelly Warwick, direct on 07725925330.  If I’m on duty I will attend and take action against the person selling.  It is on offence that Nottinghamshire Police force are clamping down on and we need your help to find these people.

Message from PC1530 Kelly Warwick about Burglaries

Although the message refers to burglaries in East Leake, the warnings are for Householders in other villages, too.

East Leake Burglaries

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